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Make yourself the most incredible photo album ever made!


How to create your own 3D photo album?

A handmade photo album, or DIY (as we say in the jargon, either Do It Youself) ready-made, it's a real experience, a unique moment of creation that you can share alone or with your friends, your children or your family. So how do you create the most impressive photo albums on your own without having any notion of scrap-booking, while being totally new to anything that is creative hobby?

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking will allow you to make your own photo album in 3D! Gone are the days of flat photo albums, and make beautiful gravity-defying pop-up creations with your own hands, while being a beginner and never having done this kind of work, while remaining passionate about creative hobbies.

Scraping in the creative hobby is a bit of rocket science and a ants work!